Ways to Work with Dr. Luz

Parenting on Purpose Coaching

Give yourself the gift of your own undivided attention. In this 10-week holistic program, parents will uncover the reasons that they have been unable to make lasting changes or be consistent in their parenting.

School Consultation

Work with Dr. Luz to create individualized Staff Development and Training. Topics include Creating Just Communities of Learning, Transformative School Leadership, Transformative Classroom Leadership, Belonging in Schools.


Book Dr. Luz for you next event. Let Dr. Luz bring her engaging and interactive style of presenting to your community. Participants are led through an experience where they will see the possibility and design their next steps. Book now or see below for a list of Signature Talks.


It’s so nice to have someone who not only understands what it is we go through as parents but has actually gone through it and can guide us through some of the things that we may think are too challenging. The coaching was effective in digging deep within ourselves and our childhood so that we can find the tools that we need for success.

Aaron & Anna

Well adjusted, successful children begin with your parenting strategies which, in turn, begin with you – learning that and working on our strategies throughout this program created more meaningful interactions with our children and brought us closer together as a family.

Shawn & Mary

Dr. Luz is a great life coach! Her insights into my problems were invaluable which helped me reach my goals of making positive changes in my life. She made me feel at ease and trusting. She is patient, kind, caring and a great listener. I highly recommend Dr. Luz as a life coach


Speaker Topics

Find Your INNER Parenting Manual

We've all been there. Something happens and we react. Despite our best efforts, we fall into old patterns. Why can't we get it right? Why don't we know what to do? We all wish that children came with a Manual.

Here's the truth and the secret. They don't have one...YOU do. You already have the inner wisdom based on the lessons you've learned. You've just got to trust yourself.

In this talk, the parents in your community will:

  • Design the Future Vision for their family

  • Find out who they need to be to reach that future vision

  • Gather the lessons and the tools that they've gathered on their life's journey

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The IMPERFECT Way to Parent

Social Media keeps us connected...and distracted. With an endless stream of IG and FB curated moments, it's easy to fall into feeling that you aren't enough and that everyone else has it figured out but you.

I'm Dr. Luz and I'm here to cure you of comparison-itis. I'm also a recovering perfectionist. I know that the only way to be free of the guilt and shame that comparing ourselves creates, is to accept ourselves...to know that we are whole and complete.

In this talk, the parents in your community will:

  • Be introduced to the IMPERFECT framework for parenting

  • Begin the process of healing from comparison-itis

  • Let go of perfection and embrace their greatness

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The IMPERFECT Way to Do Anything

How you do one thing is how you do everything. This talk is customized to your group. The IMPERFECT Framework can be applied to any industry.

People who accept themselves are happier. Happier people add to their community with their positive energy, ability to see possibilities and their willingness to take risks and innovate.

This leads to the overall happiness of any organization.

In this talk, the people in your community will:

  • Be introduced to the IMPERFECT framework

  • Begin the process of healing from comparison-itis

  • Let go of perfection